Sharing a Home ..

Happiness . Hopefully .

It seams to me that these days it makes more sense to share a home to live in with another family . There are a lot of financial reasons , a lot , but also a good reason is the family aspect , the bigger the family , the better chance of success . It will be a learning experience for me , and I will never learn enough . Also I will get many more stories , good and bad to share with others , that could only help in many ways . peace always .

LAUNDRY , whose turn ???

Love and care

Whose gona do the laundry , it’s funny no one wants to do laundry , but you would think the ones with dirty cloths would help a little , gather there grimey cloths together , but no , it’s like a ghost town at laundry time , myself , I’m willing to do half the work , I will fold my half no problem . When there’s no clean cloths on Monday morning everyone wishes they helped then they wouldn’t be looking for a favorite shirt that dident get cleaned because it was under the bed , who would know to look there , . So saying that try to help a little next week . Lot to learn . Growing up ..getting older . Live and learn .. Peace ..