My parrot ,pit bull ,and me .

Trying to do the right thing !!

Its memorial day weekend , most people are at holiday party’s , I’m home with my pets . they are great company , sometimes I wish I had a big family family ,  then the holidays would be much happier .  I’m mostly concerned about my teen , I’m trying my hardest to set him up for a successful life , but you need the right people around you . I wish I had more help with the guidance , but I have to realize that I’m in it alone , all I can do is make the right decisions in life , keep doing the right thing , and have faith in god , my teen means the world to me , and I hope I’m doing the right thing .I know there is a lot of family’s in the same situations and I wish we could all work together , life would be Much easier . Day by day . one day at a team , peace .