Collage at 55 years young !!

Never to old !!

I guess what they say is true , your never to old to do something if you put your mind to it . Now the car company’s are spendings millions of dollars for the car that drives itself , I figure it will take about ten years before any dad will put his family in one , but the time is coming . That’s why I need to go back to school , so I can finally be ahead of the game . This will be one of thes hardest things I’ve ever done , and I hope some day my family sees I’m doing it for all of us . Most of all I hope my teenager sees how important it is to continue school , as long as it takes , until you get your future into clear perspective , all I can do now is set the best example possible.  Many concerns in life , never ends .The main thing I keep telling myself is just take one day at a time . god bless . peace to all .!!