HOMELESS , theres to much in the U.S.A.

We need to get together and help all the homeless women and children in our country . As I looked around for the past year its hard for me to celebrate Xmass , when I feel all the suffering going on , and not much being done about it , I just want to start by feeding all the people that are hungry on a daily basis . we have so much to do in this country , for our citizens , we can’t worry about other countries , life is too short, we need to help now , and the homeless problem is much worse than anyone knows , our government should be doing a lot more , there shouldn’t be any homeless people in this country if you are capable of working , if you feel like I feel let’s get together and start helping the people who need help , look around , it breaks my heart.  GOD bless everyone , we can help everyone , threw Christ our Lord Amen .