apartment hunting ???

Its harder to find a rent these days than it is to buy a home , years of bad tenants for home owners has ruined it for the trust worthy . first I had to wait for my dog to pass away , and he was the best , so I wasn’t gonna give him away , he had cancer so I took great care of him till the end , and no one rent to you if you have a dog , unless you put three months rent up front , then you need two jobs , because land lords want you to make three times the rent , and then you need a perfect credit score , and no court cases ever , wow , your better off trying to buy a home , it might be easier than renting .,, its a real shame , there are so many homeless people , that just give up , I think our government should take better care of the people that just need a chance , its not that hard seeing we can finance war !!! This country needs to go all out to help our citizens , we deserve it ,  never give up hope , that’s all we have …

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