check from heaven !!

Just when your wondering if anything good is gona happen to you a check comes in the mail , with your name on it , the only way you can get a check from some class action law suit from some cigarette company , that you forgot about years ago , is if god was watching over you , it really does pay to say your prayers , because some day when you least expect it , he will show up in some mysterious way , it could only be one person . never give up faith that something good will happen to you if you truly deserve it .amen !!!!

Repo man ,,

Don’t let him come see you , that’s something you don’t want , the banks are stupid , the money the repo man gets could go to the bank also , they just need to collect a little different ,so when you fall behind , call make arrangements, they will settle for less , its best for everyone ..

Astronaut, Training ,,the hard way ,,

Funny thing when I think about things in a positive manner , sleeping in a 2000 Honda 2 door hatch in the middle of winter is when the astronauts are on there way to the moon.there are a lot of people out there homeless and I think something needs to be done . drive around late at night an look around in parking lots , in your local towns , it will make you cry ,but life goes on in the life of an astronaut so be happy .

politics ?? choices ??

There is a lot of opinions out there.  Everyone is worried about what trump is doing , I’m not worried one bit , no matter what he can’t do any worse than what has already been done , it can only get better for our country , so everyone should get behind him.  And wish him well , but only time will prove this , so don’t be part of the problem , be part of the solution ,.. Today , thank you ..

apartment hunting ???

Its harder to find a rent these days than it is to buy a home , years of bad tenants for home owners has ruined it for the trust worthy . first I had to wait for my dog to pass away , and he was the best , so I wasn’t gonna give him away , he had cancer so I took great care of him till the end , and no one rent to you if you have a dog , unless you put three months rent up front , then you need two jobs , because land lords want you to make three times the rent , and then you need a perfect credit score , and no court cases ever , wow , your better off trying to buy a home , it might be easier than renting .,, its a real shame , there are so many homeless people , that just give up , I think our government should take better care of the people that just need a chance , its not that hard seeing we can finance war !!! This country needs to go all out to help our citizens , we deserve it ,  never give up hope , that’s all we have …