Loosing my best friend !!

Paradise ,

One of the hardest things I have ever been threw , mickey was there with me morning and night , first one I would see when I woke up , last one at bedtime , when I made plans to do something I would include him some way , when my wife or son was feeling down he was always there to make them smile , he ate dinner with us every night , and breakfast every morning , he even slept in the car with me on many occasions , and loved camping trips , when I found out he had cancer I refused to be leave it , and tried to cure it , I got him round the clock care , But two months later it had gotten worse , he was strong but started showings signs of pain , something I would not let happen , putting my best friend to sleep I may never get over . but I have to remember what a priest once told me , god was just letting me barrow him for a short time to brighten up my life , but god wanted him back , so I know now he’s finally where he belongs , paradise , that’s what my best friend , and best dog ever , Mickey , belongs , see you again some day , love you always , Amen ..

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