Crazy Country , what now ???

Donald Trump , step up !!

Times are tough , I have never heard so many people complaining about so many things . Its a very bad situation and I don’t see it getting better any time soon.  Everyone I talk to says money is tight , but so tight that some people don’t have food in there house to eat . I think that this problem is bigger than anyone wants to admit ,  what should happen is our government needs to step in and send out stimulus checks like they did before to help out the people that are starving , its such a big problem that only the government can help fix it , after all they caused it from years of greed , the rich taking so much that there wasn’t any money left to help the poor , we need Donald Trump to step in and help , if eight people own half the wealth of the country , and the rest of the country has to manage on what’s left , the problem will only get worse , greed is really ruining our world and someone with power needs to fix it , concerned citizens united , what we need !!!!

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