Loosing everything !!!

Let’s pray !!

Just when you think it can’t get any worse , you loose your father unexpectedly ,  not having a place to live is bad , finding out you dog has cancer and then loosing your dad can really take a toll on your faith in god , but I keep hearing that is the path god set for me , to make me who I will eventually be , all I can do now is pray for others , forgive those who have done me wrong , and be thankful for what I have , so I go on , one minute at a time , god bless everyone I meet ,amen !!

Crazy Country , what now ???

Donald Trump , step up !!

Times are tough , I have never heard so many people complaining about so many things . Its a very bad situation and I don’t see it getting better any time soon.  Everyone I talk to says money is tight , but so tight that some people don’t have food in there house to eat . I think that this problem is bigger than anyone wants to admit ,  what should happen is our government needs to step in and send out stimulus checks like they did before to help out the people that are starving , its such a big problem that only the government can help fix it , after all they caused it from years of greed , the rich taking so much that there wasn’t any money left to help the poor , we need Donald Trump to step in and help , if eight people own half the wealth of the country , and the rest of the country has to manage on what’s left , the problem will only get worse , greed is really ruining our world and someone with power needs to fix it , concerned citizens united , what we need !!!!

Our country !!

Peace , love , understanding !!! Simple ,,

I’m hearing all kinds of bullshit .  how bad our economy is , only the rich will survive ,  but the poor people are keeping our economy going ,  what to believe , who knows , should we invest in pot stocks , or green energy ,  gold or silver ,  what to do , plus everyone is trying to scam each other, or steel your money threw the internet , its really crazy , how do you support your family , we all need to come together and help each other , where to start , at least trump seams to get it , but for my generation it might be to little to late , pray for a miracle , that’s what we need , contact the problem solver , I know what to do , just need the resources to get it done ,  thank you , and god bless us all !!!!

Memory loss ??

Do you remember ??

I have a friend with short term memory loss ,  every ten minutes or so he forgets what happened a few minutes before ,  I keep reminding him of what he did a few minutes earlier , it gets pretty crazy , if you try to put yourself in his situation it would drive you crazy , I mean every little thing is new , its like the movie ground hog day , it seams impossible , but its true , it would drive you crazy ,  you need hundreds of pads just to keep track of what is important in your life so you do the simple things like eat , or take your medicine ,  if you meet someone new , and don’t write down there name , it will be a new person to you every day , over and over ,  pretty bad ,  all from an insect bite ,  more people have this problem than you know ???  Do you know anyone with this problem ??

New year !!!!! New things ???

New friends !!

There is so many things we can do differently from last year , where do I start , making new friends is a good place , trying to make new friends is hard , we need to find ones that have good thoughts in mind , nice places , kind words for one an other , I guess social media might be the place , we all need to come together and help each other , fill our minds with positive things  , anyone that wants to get involved , I’m open for suggestions , happy new year , there are many topics to choose from …