Xmas wish ??

Help the starving children , my wish !!

Everyone wants to go back in time , to a place in your life when you were happiest , the thing is you can’t , but the memories will always be there , I think if you try to focus on one thing from the past and bring it to the present you can relive some good old times , family is most important , my wish is that I can get all my family together , close friends too and celebrate Xmas together . now for all the homeless , people , and the ones that are alone , with not enough food , and just need help , and all the children who aren’t getting what they deserve , that is what we need to focus on , trying to help as much as you  can  the children ,  that’s the future ,  now threw social media we should be able to do that , I think if Donald Trump , puts his mind to helping our country there will be no children with not enough food to eat , or no clothes on there backs . that would be my Xmas wish ..everyone can help !!!

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