Crazy world !! & Trumpster !!

Donald Trump , the fixer !!!

Just when you think you have it all figured out , bam your wrong . the world is getting crazier , I have never seen all the bullshit in the news like we have everyday , Trump is still defending himself daily and he’s not even in yet , also more and more crazy people are coming out of the woodwork to do the worst things you can imagine , then it makes the news and our children see it how are they not affected , they are in some way , shape , or form , its not fair that our children have to live a normal live with all this animosity , makes me sick , and when you think all is fine in your own home something comes along to make you think otherwise , so keep your faith strong , because the one thing I figured out is god has our lives all mapped out for us , and you can’t change the way it is , so keep cool , take the punches , and believe , it will all work out in the end ..????

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