Tough times !!

Help others !!!

Well you keep reading how many problems people have , every time you talk to someone they start telling you about some small problem they have , and to them its the end of the world , by the time there done , and you’ve given them the best advice ever , two hours have past , and you never even mentioned what was bothering you , I would have to say at this point god wants me to stay where I am , because if my situation changed I wouldn’t be where I am , to help the many people who need my help , so I guess I’ll wait , be happy for what I have , thank you lord , pain and suffering is good !!

Home rentals with Pit Bull !!

Pit bull rentals !!!

Trying to find a rent to live in that will let you have your pit bull in nearly non existent . Now that should be illegal , in general all dogs are the same , the saying goes there aren’t bad dogs , just bad dog owners . if you raise your dog the correct way , with love , your dog will grow up being a loving dog to others , and if you house train your dog right he will also respect your home . So moving forward I should have no problem finding a nice home for myself , my family , and our family pit bull , because I would never part with our loving dog , it would be the same as having to give away your child , I hope that property owners wake up , and get control of there bias feelings !!!! Yours truly concerned citizen !!!! And pit bull lover !!!!

Ubering , pretty popular !!

Ubering , its the only way ,!!!

Every day its something new in the news about Uber , since I started driving for them a day hasn’t past where I’ve read a story about them , some good , some bad . I personally have only good things to say , I feel I help people with every ride , and I learn something new each time , I can tell you how the public feels about every issue out there , and all I have to do is bring up a certain topic in the news and I’ll get a world of opinions , that’s a good thing , so if your lucky enough to have me give you a ride ask me anything and I will tell you what I know ,  well have an Uber day , start out your day right , thank you !!!

Trump !! Our new hope !!!

Get real protesters , a little early ???

I’m glad there were a lot of people that felt the same way I did , it looked like everyone wanted the country to keep going down , I understand that the young people that have everything going for them would want Clinton , life is great for those of you who have it made in the shade , and don’t worry things won’t change much for you , and the rich will stay rich , but the majority of us are not so fortunate and for us things can only get better now , it couldn’t get any worse . take it from anyone that’s around fifty , making money has been difficult , and saving almost impossible , so talk to me if you want to know why we should give trump a chance , and let’s wait till he gets in before we protest against him ,  get real dummies , that’s why Clinton lost ????

Never look back !!!

Go get the tiger !!!

If you want to change things focus on what’s in front of you , find a way to do things different so the future will be brighter , we all have it deep down inside , we just need a moment of clarity to bring it out , so wipe your nose pull up your pants and get it done , 99% of the time it turns out better the second time around , but you have to have faith ,,small steps forward !!

Who can you count on ???

And know they love you !!!

When it comes right down to it , not many , so make as many good connection’s as you can ,when your young , save as much money as possible , and don’t take any opportunity for granted , so you won’t need anyone’s help , all you really need is a good family to keep you happy at home , a good education will set you in the right direction , never look back , just look to the future you never know what’s right around the Corner , sunny days . teach your children well , and know they love you ,