Simple story with you pit bull !!

Doggie therapy works !!!!

Life is so simple if your my dog , you see him first thing in the morning because he needs to pee , so five mins later your on your way in , always a few licks of appreciation , and a smile , a few hours later a nice bowl of his favorite dry food , mixed with some left overs from last night dinner will get you more licks , you know he’s done eating when you here the bowl banging against the wall empty , but he will lick the bowl until metal comes off if you let him , after resting on the couch for a few hours , napping in the sun , its time for a short walk in the park , not to long because he’s a little bit lazy , be careful not to walk near anything that stinks , because my dog will try to roll in it , especially duck shit , then a bath must follow , another project at that , a nice ride in the car , lots of kind words , like you a good doggy , or we love you , never a shortage of kind words for my dog , if life was so simple , back home and a good movie for your dog to glance at occasionally , until he’s fast asleep , having doggie dreams , which are always happy ones , time with your dog will always cheer you up , like none other , can’t wait to do it again tomorrow , dog lovers of America , vote for trump , we need more money for our dogs , more play time , more doggie parks ,  yes , true that …

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