Can things get worse ???

Harder , before easy street comes !!

Yes things seem to get as bad as possible , before they get better . I was working on a few things , on afternoon when I started getting chest pains , it wasn’t the first time , so I ignored the pain for a few hours , the pain subsided a little , so I went on with my day , I went and layed down for a little while , I woke up gasping for air , with chest pain , I couldn’t breath , sharp pain , I tried not to panic , but it got worse , I had to call the ambulance , well low and behold , I had two large blood clots in both lungs , Yale took it much more serious than I did , they did a few different tests , and put me on I.V , blood thinners , I refused pain medication , well five days later they released me from the hospital , I have to take blood thinning medication for three months to start , they kept saying it was life threatening , to me it was just another day in my life , now I have a whole set of new problems , moral of the story , just keep swinging , its just another round in a fight that has ten thousand rounds , or like the little red train going up the big hill , you know he makes it with little help , you can do anything if you put your mind to it , just another day , another story !!

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