The Classroom of Life

Very true words !!

The Ungodly Woman

Ok, so… I could be totally bummed over the house (for more on that, read this)….But, I’m not.

I’m taking this all as affirming of what God has been leading me into as of late: individuals have far less control over their lives than they think. And, what we think matters, really doesn’t matter at all.

Currently, everything we moved here for is a loss. And I mean everything.

But, what if God has had something else in mind for us in bringing us here?

What have we learned over the past 3 years?

Above all, I’ve learned not to put my sense of security in anything other than God Himself. Christians say that all the time… I’ve said it before. But now I knowit.

I’ve learned that what matters most in this world is relationships- first and foremost one’s relationship with God, as all human relationships are…

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