Political Uber conversation !!

Getting feedback !! With Uber. !!!!

I give a lot of rides , one thing that can get a little talk going , is ask who were voting for , it always makes the ride more enjoyable . the funny thing is most of the older generation like my self like trump , and it seams like all the rest would vote Clinton . but when you put all the different factors into it trump might have a chance , its really funny to me the different reasons our college students like Clinton , most can be explained by youth , but I know one thing we all have in common is wanting to know how we can all get more money in out pockets , with the least stress ….   These questions could go on forever , great communication ,,  so we have to look at the big picture , biggest picture ever ..  More political transportation. ,,   lots smiles. …

My inspiration , My SON !!!!

Admiration , proud ,,

Over the years I have had a lot of people come and go in my life , but after all this time I have come to the conclusion that my son is the best thing that has ever happened to me , after all that’s been said and done my eighteen year old is the best , besides working , going to school , and having a girlfriend he still has time to say nice things to his family and friends , I see great things in his future , and I hope I’m around to guide him , looking around I don’t see anyone that can help him prosper the way I can , I pray that god watches over him , and that good luck comes his way , I will give him everything I possibly can , everyday , till the day I die , I love him more than life itself , god bless him forever ..

Simple story with you pit bull !!

Doggie therapy works !!!!

Life is so simple if your my dog , you see him first thing in the morning because he needs to pee , so five mins later your on your way in , always a few licks of appreciation , and a smile , a few hours later a nice bowl of his favorite dry food , mixed with some left overs from last night dinner will get you more licks , you know he’s done eating when you here the bowl banging against the wall empty , but he will lick the bowl until metal comes off if you let him , after resting on the couch for a few hours , napping in the sun , its time for a short walk in the park , not to long because he’s a little bit lazy , be careful not to walk near anything that stinks , because my dog will try to roll in it , especially duck shit , then a bath must follow , another project at that , a nice ride in the car , lots of kind words , like you a good doggy , or we love you , never a shortage of kind words for my dog , if life was so simple , back home and a good movie for your dog to glance at occasionally , until he’s fast asleep , having doggie dreams , which are always happy ones , time with your dog will always cheer you up , like none other , can’t wait to do it again tomorrow , dog lovers of America , vote for trump , we need more money for our dogs , more play time , more doggie parks ,  yes , true that …

Can things get worse ???

Harder , before easy street comes !!

Yes things seem to get as bad as possible , before they get better . I was working on a few things , on afternoon when I started getting chest pains , it wasn’t the first time , so I ignored the pain for a few hours , the pain subsided a little , so I went on with my day , I went and layed down for a little while , I woke up gasping for air , with chest pain , I couldn’t breath , sharp pain , I tried not to panic , but it got worse , I had to call the ambulance , well low and behold , I had two large blood clots in both lungs , Yale took it much more serious than I did , they did a few different tests , and put me on I.V , blood thinners , I refused pain medication , well five days later they released me from the hospital , I have to take blood thinning medication for three months to start , they kept saying it was life threatening , to me it was just another day in my life , now I have a whole set of new problems , moral of the story , just keep swinging , its just another round in a fight that has ten thousand rounds , or like the little red train going up the big hill , you know he makes it with little help , you can do anything if you put your mind to it , just another day , another story !!

College party’s !!

Living the good life !!!

I’m happy to say the partying at the two colleges that I frequently go to has slowed down . Instead of there being a party almost every night , now its more like once a week . I think that the main reason is because the schools mad it harder for the lower class under age drinkers can’t get in to the upper class mans party .. The  girls I drove around three years ago could get into any party they wanted to . Now not only are the college kids taking it easy , the middle aged people are also slowing down on the drinking .Summer is over , çold came quick , time is flying by for me , but it supposed to get easier , but its only getting harder , say a little prayer for me ,,,