Time ?? Not enough !!!

Only time will tell !!!

No matter how good of a planner you are there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything . by the time you do what you have to do to make money , there is no time left for the most important thing in life family . that’s why I’m mad , with all the money this country spends on helping other countries , if our government spent more time on our country we would be a much happier country , there wouldn’t be all this hate , that’s ruining our country . people have such a hard time making ends meet , when problems arise were to quick to fight it out , instead of talk it out , everyone is under too much stress , a good leader would ease the tension , people would get along with each other much better if the playing field was level . God is going to level the playing field , because our leaders are doing such a bad job , that’s the only way , its only a matter of time .this country is in turmoil , its a real shame that the people of power won’t do the right thing , and someone like me can , but no one will listen , well hold on to the ones you love , take care of the little things first , keep your faith , its the only thing that’s going to help you in the end , peace be with you all !!

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