Good advice , hard to come by !!

Negative influences ,, losers !!!

So I’m going back to school , if I did it right 35 years ago I wouldn’t be going now. Looking back I got my best advice then , but dident take it  . now I’m getting the same advice and for some reason I’m listening now ,,  I guess I was to thick headed back then , or just had a shitty role model ,, the good thing is I know what I have to do for my son , I think the best thing I can do is show him first hand what you need to do to be successful ,  back in the day my parents were telling me one thing , but doing the complete opposite , so I dident listen to them ., everyone was taking the easy way , guess what the easy way does not work , ever . the only way is hard work  , then when you get there , success , you earned it , you deserve it , and you will keep it , that’s how it works , so my advice , get it right the first time around , then you can relax when your older , that’s how its supposed to be , that’s the best way .keep yourself around positive people that have a bright picture in there mind for the future.  And that can help you move forward in life , stay far away from negative influences , that’s the only thing that can bring you down ..

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