Uber driver advice ????

Not just a ride ???

This was an easy one , I picked up this nice guy , on our drive he had said to me out of the blue , that he hasn’t had sex with his wife for three years , I turned around to look at him , he looked OK , then I glanced at my app to see his final destination , it was the strip joint up the road , now I’m thinking what to say next to help this poor guy , without making it worse , the first thing I thought was who was his wife having sex with , seeing this was only a five minute ride , and I dident want to leave his head in a bad place , I simply suggested marriage counseling , he agreed , then he pulled out a ten dollar bill as my tip , I thought wow , that was easy , just a little advice goes a long way ,  a handshake , and a be safe , and I was on to my next appointment , funny how a simple ride turns into something very important ,  another successful ride , till next time , if you need a ride and some great advice at the same time , request me !!!!!

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