Hillary Clinton ??? Parkinson Disease ???

Hillary Clinton’s Parkinsons ????

When I do my Uber rides I always ask who the passengers like for president ?? I never get a straight answers , all the people are undecided ..most of the riders don’t like either one , Clinton , Trump , . now there’s a lot of talk about Hillary having Parkinson disease , that’s a big problem , also they are saying the democratic party knows , it looks like the biggest scandal ever , my problem is if the secret service knows , and for some reason aren’t saying anything then our country is in real danger , and it would be easy for Hillary to pay off many people to keep it quite . million dollar bribes would be easy for her . I can’t understand why no one is addressing this issue . we need to find out right away if our country is in danger , the people have a right to know , and I want to know yesterday what the truth is , we need this question to go viral right now , till we get answers  before its to late ,  please help !!!

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