Rich , and poor ,!! The difference !!!

Poor people , much more real !!

My weekend started off good , I meet a man from Africa with his own trucking company , he said he was busy with delivering products but should have been paid more for load , he was from the same village that the Obamas were from , in east Africa , the founder of Facebook , goes there a lot to look for new talent , he explained to me that they live on mainly fish , and the deepest fresh water lake is there , so with that diet the women produce very smart kids , he told me a lot , and he also seamed very educated himself , With his long dread locks hanging down very neat , well I gave him a few rides through out the night , an we parted on good terms , how we hope to do business again soon  , he gave me a twenty dollar tip and said good by ,good experience , now the next ride was a rich doctor and his wife , talking about all the party’s they had to attend , and golfing , buying new cloths , I had to listen , I thought my ears were gonna start bleeding , finally I got them home , after all that bullshit , I had to listen to they got out of my car and walked away not even a thank you . I don’t knowthe people that really  what’s wrong with some people , but I’ll take less fortunate people any day to have fun with , that’s the reason this country in this messy state , the ones with the real money don’t help the ones that really need it , and when god flips the script the rich aren’t gonna know what to do , the world will be a better place to live , think about it for a while ..

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