Mercenaries ! Secret ops!!

Black ops !!

I was on an Uber pickup , the GPS told me I was at my pick up spot , but I saw nothing but wooded area , but I turned down the street with no name , further up I saw the street sign down low to the ground , never could have seen it from street . as I drove in , it was like a new camp site with shinny new large cabin like structure.  With glass on all sides , I didn’t know what to think , it was dark , late at night but the structure was well lit , I picked two people up , when I asked what this place was , they laughed ,  I started thinking , when they got out of the car , they dropped the name on me , I dident think much of it , when I got home I googled it , well it read secret missions , black ops , mercenary work over seas , we fight small wars in foreign countries , I thought wow that was for real , I had some pay for hire army men , or secret agent men in my car , it really brought clarity to the events that happen around the world , well another interesting Uber ride ..can’t wait for tonight , I’m in the same area .

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