Guns , collage kids ???

Super hero , the driver .

It was another night giving Uber rides.  The college kids were rushing to party’s , everyone was happy , about an hour went by , and my app started surging , I’m wondering why it was early , I got called to a bar on park ave Bridgeport Ct , when I pulled up there were kids and cops everywhere , my kids that I was picking up were waiting for me , they quickly jumped in , I asked what had happened , they said someone had a gun , I said boy times have changed , back in my day no one had a gun , or even thought about guns , that was a real party smasher , good thing us Uber drivers were there in minutes to scoop up the kids , glad to be able to help , another interesting night as a driver , slash super hero , driver to the rescue per say , tonight well do it again .god bless , no one got hurt !!!!

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