Trump , Clinton , me ,??

No time to waste !!

Its funny after hearing all the bullshit that’s been said about this country , and its been going on for years , you would think someone would know what to do to make our country happy again . Its really not that hard to figure out that there are to many poor people in this country , and by poor I mean living week to week , with all the money that gets wasted over seas we could make everyone in our country happy , that would solve all the problems , Everyone is just trying to pay there bills , not much time for fun , and when there’s no fun , there’s not much else , so if we get the right person in charge , they need to put some cash in everyones pocket immediately , no time to waste , there is do many ways to do that , ask bill ..

Publishers clearing house , scam ??

Who can you trust ???

For almost a year I have been receiving every kind of game possible to win money from P.C.H.  they have sent me hundreds of different games to play , telling me I can win thousands . I must have entered hundreds of sweepstakes all claiming to be part of publishers clearing house give always . what I’m wondering is does anyone really win , now they say at the end of October they will pick a winner , but there should be hundreds of winners , they have talked me into entering hundreds of games , I’m not sure now how honest pch really is , I guess I have to wait a few more weeks , has anyone else gotten hundreds of emails from pch ,?? I guess I’ll have to wait and see , I’ll get back with an up date .

Time ?? Not enough !!!

Only time will tell !!!

No matter how good of a planner you are there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything . by the time you do what you have to do to make money , there is no time left for the most important thing in life family . that’s why I’m mad , with all the money this country spends on helping other countries , if our government spent more time on our country we would be a much happier country , there wouldn’t be all this hate , that’s ruining our country . people have such a hard time making ends meet , when problems arise were to quick to fight it out , instead of talk it out , everyone is under too much stress , a good leader would ease the tension , people would get along with each other much better if the playing field was level . God is going to level the playing field , because our leaders are doing such a bad job , that’s the only way , its only a matter of time .this country is in turmoil , its a real shame that the people of power won’t do the right thing , and someone like me can , but no one will listen , well hold on to the ones you love , take care of the little things first , keep your faith , its the only thing that’s going to help you in the end , peace be with you all !!

College ! Learning ? Partying !

College , don’t miss it !!

Until now I never realized how much fun college could be , I gave ten Uber rides Saturday night and went to ten different party’s . if I knew thirty years ago how much fun college could be I would have done anything to get there . I want all the high school kids to go to college , what they need is a first had look at what you do at college , don’t get me wrong you learn a lot about What ever it is you major on , but you learn more about sex and drugs than you can learn any place else , so my suggestion is get to college any way you can !!!

Good advice , hard to come by !!

Negative influences ,, losers !!!

So I’m going back to school , if I did it right 35 years ago I wouldn’t be going now. Looking back I got my best advice then , but dident take it  . now I’m getting the same advice and for some reason I’m listening now ,,  I guess I was to thick headed back then , or just had a shitty role model ,, the good thing is I know what I have to do for my son , I think the best thing I can do is show him first hand what you need to do to be successful ,  back in the day my parents were telling me one thing , but doing the complete opposite , so I dident listen to them ., everyone was taking the easy way , guess what the easy way does not work , ever . the only way is hard work  , then when you get there , success , you earned it , you deserve it , and you will keep it , that’s how it works , so my advice , get it right the first time around , then you can relax when your older , that’s how its supposed to be , that’s the best way .keep yourself around positive people that have a bright picture in there mind for the future.  And that can help you move forward in life , stay far away from negative influences , that’s the only thing that can bring you down ..

Uber driver advice ????

Not just a ride ???

This was an easy one , I picked up this nice guy , on our drive he had said to me out of the blue , that he hasn’t had sex with his wife for three years , I turned around to look at him , he looked OK , then I glanced at my app to see his final destination , it was the strip joint up the road , now I’m thinking what to say next to help this poor guy , without making it worse , the first thing I thought was who was his wife having sex with , seeing this was only a five minute ride , and I dident want to leave his head in a bad place , I simply suggested marriage counseling , he agreed , then he pulled out a ten dollar bill as my tip , I thought wow , that was easy , just a little advice goes a long way ,  a handshake , and a be safe , and I was on to my next appointment , funny how a simple ride turns into something very important ,  another successful ride , till next time , if you need a ride and some great advice at the same time , request me !!!!!

Hillary Clinton ??? Parkinson Disease ???

Hillary Clinton’s Parkinsons ????

When I do my Uber rides I always ask who the passengers like for president ?? I never get a straight answers , all the people are undecided ..most of the riders don’t like either one , Clinton , Trump , . now there’s a lot of talk about Hillary having Parkinson disease , that’s a big problem , also they are saying the democratic party knows , it looks like the biggest scandal ever , my problem is if the secret service knows , and for some reason aren’t saying anything then our country is in real danger , and it would be easy for Hillary to pay off many people to keep it quite . million dollar bribes would be easy for her . I can’t understand why no one is addressing this issue . we need to find out right away if our country is in danger , the people have a right to know , and I want to know yesterday what the truth is , we need this question to go viral right now , till we get answers  before its to late ,  please help !!!

College !! Changed !!

Substance abuse counseling !!!

Back in the day we used paper and pen , we got the assignments did the work and handed it in , now a days you have to be well schooled on the computer , just to get your assignment.  I mean there so many things you have to do even before you start your homework.  Even the teacher says it was different back in the good old days , basically I’m a Dinosaur in modern times , the good thing is I have a lot more knowledge in my mind than most of the younger students . anyway its nice that all the young girls are so willing to help any way they can , wish I went back years ago , its very refreshing , feel like a new me , only time will tell , hope my heart holds out , deep breathing , one step at a time , PS , I might need a Tudor ,,,

Uber driver /// therapist. /// !!!!!

Don’t drink and drive , tell you why ,,

If they had to pay me for all the great advice I give out they wouldn’t be able to afford me .. I hear so many stories , don’t forget I have given around 2000 ,  rides , but the ones I hear the most are the poor people that have a DUI  . that story can go on forever , from the beginning to the end , of how bad it was  , I always try to focus on the bright side of things , happiness. , so I will always send the passages away smiling , makes me feel better also , so I always have a funny story to share if you need a good laugh ,   or a story to make you sad , what ever you want , thank you ,,

Rich , and poor ,!! The difference !!!

Poor people , much more real !!

My weekend started off good , I meet a man from Africa with his own trucking company , he said he was busy with delivering products but should have been paid more for load , he was from the same village that the Obamas were from , in east Africa , the founder of Facebook , goes there a lot to look for new talent , he explained to me that they live on mainly fish , and the deepest fresh water lake is there , so with that diet the women produce very smart kids , he told me a lot , and he also seamed very educated himself , With his long dread locks hanging down very neat , well I gave him a few rides through out the night , an we parted on good terms , how we hope to do business again soon  , he gave me a twenty dollar tip and said good by ,good experience , now the next ride was a rich doctor and his wife , talking about all the party’s they had to attend , and golfing , buying new cloths , I had to listen , I thought my ears were gonna start bleeding , finally I got them home , after all that bullshit , I had to listen to they got out of my car and walked away not even a thank you . I don’t knowthe people that really  what’s wrong with some people , but I’ll take less fortunate people any day to have fun with , that’s the reason this country in this messy state , the ones with the real money don’t help the ones that really need it , and when god flips the script the rich aren’t gonna know what to do , the world will be a better place to live , think about it for a while ..