Scam !! To good to be true !!

To good to be true !! Yes .

Did you ever here if its to good to be true it probably not true , well that’s it ,  I was pulled in by the pictures of a little old lady , who said she had stage three breast cancer , and had millions of dollars to give out to the needy . she also said god was coming to her in her dreams and telling her what to do , she said god told her to look on Facebook for me , and my profile jumped out at her among three thousand other people , I wish I knew what mad me look like such a sucker . well I checked out the whole story , even the bank she said the money was in , it all looked legit , even the contact at the bank , they went above and beyond to try to get all my personal information but after more checking I decided not to go any further , if anyone is going threw a similar experience please contact me , I can help you figure it out , thanks for listening , god bless all ..

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