Uber , relationship advice !!

Happiness . health !!

This weekend it seemed to me most of the time it was women asking me advice about there men . weather it was a young teen , or mid twenties , to older women , they were all unsure about there relationship .  the best advice I could give them all , was not to worry about what there man was going to do , but about they were going to do . I tried to explain to them that they should only worry about what they could do to better themselves , to try to move on to bigger and better things , and if there man doesn’t want to be part of that then let them go . there is plenty of time for relationships , but now is the time for you to be the best that you can possibly be , then all the rest will fall into place . just take it one day at a time .then I would tell them to be safe always , and have a blessid. Day .

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