Very interesting UBER RIDE !!!

Lotta ,fun ,, !!!

For the short version ,  I drove in Westport Ct last night , it was a cool night Lotta people out . I picked up two two investment banker at s quaint cafe , out door patio , someone singing just inside ,  out pops the two gentleman , and there brief cases . the comedy started right away when we      disagree on the GPS . direction , and I saw we were going to NYC . so we talked about life in general as if we had known each other for years , were all about the same , only depending on how much you make each year , then the story’s differ , the more money you have the better your stories are , so for an hour we shot the shit !! I dropped them off in two different locations on the lower east side , they gave me a nice tip and I was on my way to Ct . I got to see the intrepid , a huge Navy ship in the harbor , as I was speeding down the FDR . I’m gonna go back for pictures , an exciting high for this old man , Lotta fun ..well I was home by 3:00 am , and fell right asleep . dream time , happy days  ..

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