Rules , as the passenger , in an Uber car !!

People ask the weirdest questions !!

I’ll make this short , when you give someone a ride you need to have a set of rules in your head as to what you will let the passengers do in the back seat . you need to be ready for the requests you will get , I will tell you a few I have gotten , first and most favorite , can we drink alcohol in your car , next can we smoke cigarettes , then of course can we smoke pot ??  Now occasionally someone will ask if they can snort cocaine ,  then comes kissing ,  followed by touching , now that’s the general stuff ,  then comes the gay factor , two boys , or two girls , and so on , so as the driver you must be ready , so your not cought off guard , I have had all these questions asked of me , so I’m always ready , also be ready when they ask for the driver to get involved , people will say the weirdest things when there drunk , be prepared , answers from an Uber driver !!!

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