Advice on everything ???

Listen and learn !!

I’m always looking for good advice , weather I take it or not I listen , and everyone seams to have something to say on every topic , now I’m fifty something years old so I know good and bad advice , so I listen and learn  , now I wish I listened thirty years ago to the good advice I received , I would probably be rich by now , instead I feel like I’m just beginning my journey . moral of the story , take good advice at an early age , and succeed later in life . most of the time family will lead you down the right path , its never to late to start listening ,!!! Listen to someone who knows , take the good advice and build on it , thank you ..

Will the kids ever listen ???

Never ending battle !!

Well I’ve spent most of the last eighteen years trying to teach my son the difference between right and wrong , I covered all the basis , but it seams I could have done a better job , he still wants to learn the hard way , at this point the only way I see him succeeding is to fail , hopefully not to big , the only way to get ahead in this world is to see for yourself what doesn’t work , only time will tell , I’m going to just keep leading in the right direction , and pray for the best possible outcome .. Just keep beating the pavement , failure is not an option as long as I’m breathing ..

Uber story !!

Drive safely , obeying speed limits !!

First I was driving a couple home from a scary movie they just saw , we were up on the highway when we ran into traffic at an unusual time , I new it was an accident , ten more feet I saw stuff in the road , a few more feet , I saw a motorcycle down in the road , I said a quick prayer , about twenty feet up I saw the driver , he was down on the ground , but moving around a lot , it was a good sight , he looked OK , now he was wearing a helmet , that had to help , but god definitely had something to do with his well being , it made me smile the second I saw him moving , a happy ending to what could have been a fatality thank god again .

Collage kids are back !!!

Reach for the sky ,,

Its really funny for me to see how the next generation changes after another summer goes by ,  yes kids grow up fast , and for the most part get smarter with age , things that used to be funny no longer are . new jokes , new songs , new cloths . it really is true that anyone can be anything they want to be . so moving forward set your goals high , reach for the sky , never be afraid to ask for help , you will always find it  . dreams are great , keep dreaming , make it reality it really is easy if you set your mind to it . so off this uber driver goes , in search of a new story , another dream , I’m very lucky ..

Scam !! To good to be true !!

To good to be true !! Yes .

Did you ever here if its to good to be true it probably not true , well that’s it ,  I was pulled in by the pictures of a little old lady , who said she had stage three breast cancer , and had millions of dollars to give out to the needy . she also said god was coming to her in her dreams and telling her what to do , she said god told her to look on Facebook for me , and my profile jumped out at her among three thousand other people , I wish I knew what mad me look like such a sucker . well I checked out the whole story , even the bank she said the money was in , it all looked legit , even the contact at the bank , they went above and beyond to try to get all my personal information but after more checking I decided not to go any further , if anyone is going threw a similar experience please contact me , I can help you figure it out , thanks for listening , god bless all ..

Scam , or legit !!! Cash !!!

Five million dollars ,

Five million dollars ,  is it possible , could it be true that a little old lady dying of cancer wants me to play robin hood for her ?? I hope so I know so many people , and organizations that need money I would find the greatest joy ever to be able to help them , the money is in a security company in daubi , I’m going to look into it And do the best I can to fulfill her wishes before she dies , I’ll give more information as I move forward , keep your fingers crossed , god bless .