Another UBER drivers day !

Stuck , far from home !!

Well forth of July is over , it was a busy week , all types of people needed rides to all kinds of places , so its Saturday night ,around eleven o’clock it just started to rain so I pulled in to my local gas station for some gas and a bite to eat , I spend about a half hour there and finish it off with a relaxing cigarette , a few seconds later I turn the key , and all I get is a clicking noise , I have heard this before its the battery , so I pop the hood , as I suspected there is a pile of green shit all over my battery posts . Just like before I begin to clean it off , when the clamp breaks , well I’m thinking I’m screwed , because I’m so handy I rigged it up to work temporary , I get it workable , back in the car , by now its pouring rain and I’m soaked , but I’m laughing to myself because nothing is ever easy , I turn the key and all I get is a click , dead battery , well luckily I just paid my car insurance which comes with road side assistance which I hardly never use , but now I need it , low and behold I call GEICO , the nice lady asked me a few questions and says we will send someone right out , about forty five minutes later a tow truck pull up , the nice guy jumps out , puts the jumper on my battery , I turn the key and she starts , music to my ears , it hard to explain the joy the sound of a running engine is to your ears in the pouring rain , I forgot all about all the money I lost for the night , guess it dident matter there’s always tomorrow , and I got the car home safely , morale of the story , always get road side assistance you never know when you will need help and your 50 miles from home . Just another Uber drivers day , just look at the bright side , things can always be worse , thank you god .!!

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