Uber ride , scary one !!

Quick thinking ..

I give a lot of interesting rides to a lot of different kinds of people but this ride was a new one on me , it was getting late last Saturday night and I said to myself one more ride , a few minutes later I get the beep , its close , I pull up and can see there’s a party going on , a few seconds later a teenage girl comes out , and gets in my car , right away she asks if she can lay down in the back seat , I said sure thinking she drank to much , then she asks to put windows down , I said no problem , I started to look for my barf bag , thinking she was going to throw up , her destination was twenty minutes away , so I offered to pull over to see if she needed to puke .I was getting concerned because she was in the back seat so I couldn’t see her to good , then she tells me her throat was closing up , she was having an allergies reaction to something that was in the house I picked her up at , I started to worry , she said she was having trouble breathing , I said do we need to go to the hospital , then she started looking in her pocket book , frantically I asked what she was looking for she said I usually Carry an epi pen because this happens from time to time , then I remembered my wife put one in my glove compartment for her allergies and the same problem that she has from eggs , luck had turned our way , I handed the pen to her , she broke the seal on the tip and new exactly what to do , she popped it in her leg , I said ouch , a few seconds later she was breathing easier , it was a real experience for me because I never even saw my wife use one , well I began to drive her home again , Windows down twenty minutes later we arrived at her house , she gave me a quick hug and thanked me many times , And then disappeared into her home . I guess I had a moment of complete clarity , I felt good , happy .I talked to my self a bit , then went home , another interesting night on the road , can’t wait for my next ride .good night , god bless you all !!!

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