4th of July , fireworks .

Wasted money . for happiness .

Everyone scrambling to get to the beach , every town in Ct setting off a wonderful display of fireworks . As I sit and wait for my next ride , I could hear big bangs all around town , as I think how it must be in war . Over in Iraqi it sounds like this on a daily basis . It might be normal to them , but its terrible , to live in constant fear . The people of the united states really have it good . Now the drunk people lighting off fireworks could be scary , I hope no one gets hurt . It was a busy weekend for me , I myself keep a lot of drunk people off the road , and I hope I saved a few lives , if everyone took more time to help each other , as they do in just thinking about themselves there would be less people in need of food and shelter in our country . We need to come together as the great nation that we are and help our neighbor . It will someday happen , I hope our children get to see it , and live with no fear of common things we need just to live .

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