Opinions , in an Uber !

Our childrens safety .

Forth of July , fireworks , cookouts , party’s , fun . But sometimes things don’t go as planed , I picked up a nice couple from a party , they called an Uber to make a quick escape , the party was fun they said until one of the guests wanted to voice his opinion on the Muslim situation , and how its weaved its way into our presidential campaign , The guest had said he wasn’t predigest but was sending his kids to private school because there were to many different races in public school . This is how the problem starts , parents are supposed to start at an early age teaching there kids that all people are created equal . The discussion could have gone many ways , so my passengers chose to leave the party , it was a fun party and politics would have surely changed the atmosphere , we talked a bit , also about how poorly our country is running , we agreed that there is no room for bigotry , we need a big change , after a brief pause we both said trump , and that’s just because of the choices we have , We all want the same things , for our children to be safe in there own home , somehow we all need to get together and make this world a better place to live , the next ride was four college boys , on a whole different level , talking about sports , drugs , alcohol , sex  , normal things , and that’s what it used to be about , when I was in school , I never heard the word terrorism , or bombings , everyone agrees this world is in a bad place , we need a leader that will head us in a positive direction , and quickly . Well tonight should be an interesting one , independence day , what’s that mean .

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