Solar power , the future !!

The children , the future !!

A few days ago I became a solar ambassador , I’m here to spread the word on how this system will help you on your electric bill , and help the environment .as we speak people around the country are switching to solar energy . One thing that stands out is if power goes out , you are OK , running off your own solar battery . the main thing is the ozone . global warming is going to be a big problem in twenty years , so we need to think about our children now , if we all start helping now we can make a difference . there are many advantages in solar panels , and I think we all need to be more responsible and help our world , and the creatures in it , any questions please feel free to contact me , thank you ..

Living a productive life !!

Self worth . be proud .

Everyone is trying to do the right thing , weather its working hard , raise your family . or education , its hard to get it straight , sometimes it takes years . if you don’t do the right things the first time you have to keep trying , now I realize that education is most important to get the right job and earn what you need to live the good life . most people don’t know what they want to do , the saying goes , if you have a job you in joy you won’t work a day in your life , after years of contemplation I have it figured out , so back to school I go at the age of fifty . time goes by fast so I’m not worried , I’m finally getting serious about life , and I hope my teenage learns from my mistakes .I can only hope for the best , God bless you all ..

Crazy world !!

Great leadership !!

Between everyone going crazy over Pokemon go , and the election , and all the violence going on around the world what are the teenagers around the world to think , I’m sure they don’t know what to think , they need a good role model to look up to , besides there parents . it is all in gods hands now , and I hope everyone believes in god , because he the only one that can help this world now , so keep praying , I think its all part of a bigger plan , god bless us all .

Teenagers first job , in lightning !!!

Funny , exciting ,

Well its pretty funny , when your child is growing up He or she, doesn’t really understand the value of a dollar , so they often get carried away with asking for different things , this goes on for a long time , seams like forever , so when your child grows up to be a productive citizen it brings you great joy , and when he or she has to pay for there own things it makes them think about what they buy , and good choices , so don’t worry they all reach that point sooner or later , then you’ll know you did something right day at a time its the only way ..thankyou god …

Another UBER drivers day !

Stuck , far from home !!

Well forth of July is over , it was a busy week , all types of people needed rides to all kinds of places , so its Saturday night ,around eleven o’clock it just started to rain so I pulled in to my local gas station for some gas and a bite to eat , I spend about a half hour there and finish it off with a relaxing cigarette , a few seconds later I turn the key , and all I get is a clicking noise , I have heard this before its the battery , so I pop the hood , as I suspected there is a pile of green shit all over my battery posts . Just like before I begin to clean it off , when the clamp breaks , well I’m thinking I’m screwed , because I’m so handy I rigged it up to work temporary , I get it workable , back in the car , by now its pouring rain and I’m soaked , but I’m laughing to myself because nothing is ever easy , I turn the key and all I get is a click , dead battery , well luckily I just paid my car insurance which comes with road side assistance which I hardly never use , but now I need it , low and behold I call GEICO , the nice lady asked me a few questions and says we will send someone right out , about forty five minutes later a tow truck pull up , the nice guy jumps out , puts the jumper on my battery , I turn the key and she starts , music to my ears , it hard to explain the joy the sound of a running engine is to your ears in the pouring rain , I forgot all about all the money I lost for the night , guess it dident matter there’s always tomorrow , and I got the car home safely , morale of the story , always get road side assistance you never know when you will need help and your 50 miles from home . Just another Uber drivers day , just look at the bright side , things can always be worse , thank you god .!!

Uber ride , scary one !!

Quick thinking ..

I give a lot of interesting rides to a lot of different kinds of people but this ride was a new one on me , it was getting late last Saturday night and I said to myself one more ride , a few minutes later I get the beep , its close , I pull up and can see there’s a party going on , a few seconds later a teenage girl comes out , and gets in my car , right away she asks if she can lay down in the back seat , I said sure thinking she drank to much , then she asks to put windows down , I said no problem , I started to look for my barf bag , thinking she was going to throw up , her destination was twenty minutes away , so I offered to pull over to see if she needed to puke .I was getting concerned because she was in the back seat so I couldn’t see her to good , then she tells me her throat was closing up , she was having an allergies reaction to something that was in the house I picked her up at , I started to worry , she said she was having trouble breathing , I said do we need to go to the hospital , then she started looking in her pocket book , frantically I asked what she was looking for she said I usually Carry an epi pen because this happens from time to time , then I remembered my wife put one in my glove compartment for her allergies and the same problem that she has from eggs , luck had turned our way , I handed the pen to her , she broke the seal on the tip and new exactly what to do , she popped it in her leg , I said ouch , a few seconds later she was breathing easier , it was a real experience for me because I never even saw my wife use one , well I began to drive her home again , Windows down twenty minutes later we arrived at her house , she gave me a quick hug and thanked me many times , And then disappeared into her home . I guess I had a moment of complete clarity , I felt good , happy .I talked to my self a bit , then went home , another interesting night on the road , can’t wait for my next ride .good night , god bless you all !!!

4th of July , fireworks .

Wasted money . for happiness .

Everyone scrambling to get to the beach , every town in Ct setting off a wonderful display of fireworks . As I sit and wait for my next ride , I could hear big bangs all around town , as I think how it must be in war . Over in Iraqi it sounds like this on a daily basis . It might be normal to them , but its terrible , to live in constant fear . The people of the united states really have it good . Now the drunk people lighting off fireworks could be scary , I hope no one gets hurt . It was a busy weekend for me , I myself keep a lot of drunk people off the road , and I hope I saved a few lives , if everyone took more time to help each other , as they do in just thinking about themselves there would be less people in need of food and shelter in our country . We need to come together as the great nation that we are and help our neighbor . It will someday happen , I hope our children get to see it , and live with no fear of common things we need just to live .

Opinions , in an Uber !

Our childrens safety .

Forth of July , fireworks , cookouts , party’s , fun . But sometimes things don’t go as planed , I picked up a nice couple from a party , they called an Uber to make a quick escape , the party was fun they said until one of the guests wanted to voice his opinion on the Muslim situation , and how its weaved its way into our presidential campaign , The guest had said he wasn’t predigest but was sending his kids to private school because there were to many different races in public school . This is how the problem starts , parents are supposed to start at an early age teaching there kids that all people are created equal . The discussion could have gone many ways , so my passengers chose to leave the party , it was a fun party and politics would have surely changed the atmosphere , we talked a bit , also about how poorly our country is running , we agreed that there is no room for bigotry , we need a big change , after a brief pause we both said trump , and that’s just because of the choices we have , We all want the same things , for our children to be safe in there own home , somehow we all need to get together and make this world a better place to live , the next ride was four college boys , on a whole different level , talking about sports , drugs , alcohol , sex  , normal things , and that’s what it used to be about , when I was in school , I never heard the word terrorism , or bombings , everyone agrees this world is in a bad place , we need a leader that will head us in a positive direction , and quickly . Well tonight should be an interesting one , independence day , what’s that mean .