People say the strangest things ,

Smart decisions ,

When riding in the back seat of an Uber car some people can’t help but to tell you what’s on there mind . Its like going to see your therapist , once you talk about what’s bothering you , it makes you feel better , and you don’t have to pay the copay . the couple that shared with me how much money was lost Friday , when the market dropped seamed to be worried the most , when family looses money because you have bad information for them , that’s the worst ,  another story was a completely drunk guy trying to pick up anyone he can , talking stupid , slurring words , saying all the wrong things , it just made the girls laugh all the way home . As for me the driver I can’t help but listen , laugh . and try to lend a helping word of advice , no charge of course , but a tip would be nice , I’m thinking about videoing these rides , with permission of course , there would be a lot of funny stories to share . But in retrospect there are a lot of people that go out drinking , and thank god I’m there to drive them home safely . well I’ll be back with more stories from a driver ..

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