Living ,the hard way !!

Happiness in different forms !!

Some people have a good home life , but a bad job ,some have good job but bad home life , others have bad job , bad home life , then there the few that have good job good home life . We all hope to be healthy and happy , no one wants to be sick , and poor , but life has its way with you . I believe god has a plan for all of us , you can wiggle your way for a while , but destiny catches up with you . If we get a group of people together and work at one main goal anything is possible . making people smile is something I like to do , a good laugh works wonders for the souls . So moving forward I will be on the look out for people who feel the way I do , there are many good people out there who just want the best in life for everyone . Because life is so complicated its hard to bring out people’s inner thoughts, but I’ll keep trying , some day I hope to find what I’m looking for , then share it , happiness works best in groups , thank you , and have a rainbow day , remember thank the lord , for what you do have . peace of mind is a wonderful thing …

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