Tipping the Driver !!

What comes around , goes around !!

I want to post this because its bothering me , I gave hundreds or car rides to many people of all ages . I can understand why college students or highschool kids won’t tip . But what I don’t understand is why rich people think they don’t have to tip , the car service is the cheapest around  , while in the car , the passager often asks for favors , or asks questions because they want to know personal information , I always accommodate , doing a little more than I have to , but what bothering me is after I go out of my way for someone , then I pull up to there million dollar mansion , they get out and no tip , its just there way of rubbing there wealth in the faces of those with less , and hoping to keep you lower than them , someday things will switch , the rich will be poor , that’s when they will realize what fools they have been , not helping people with less , but it will be to late , when you die , if you get to heaven , everyone is equal there , and the richest will go to the end of the line .I hope that the high and mighty come to there scenes soon , life is short and always changing , Carma is a bitch and I see it daily . peace , love , and understanding .

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