South Africa ! Struggling !

Struggling for years !!

I just gave a ride to a gentleman from south Africa , he went on to tell me he was in a refugee camp for several years . He was very soft spoken , he told me how he struggled to get here , the only help he got was from the united Nations , we talked about corruption , the lack of education , how the leaders keep the people down , even with a country so rich in diamonds , and other minerals , the people know very little . How the leaders stay in power for a long as they want , and rob the country blind , with the US . turning a blind eye , after talking with him I felt sad , I asked if there was anything I could do to help him , all he asked was to get him to his plane on time , I put my foot down on the gas pedal , I mad sure he didn’t miss his flight . after an hour I felt educated on how hard it is for south Africans , and how easy us American have it , our struggle , and really struggling is to completely different things . Best advice he had was stay in school , be kind to others , and kindness will come back to you , live a clean life , were only here for a short time , I gave him a handshake and said goodbye . peace , love , happiness .

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