FRIENDS , what are they ??

Happiness !!!

I want to start by saying most of the people you know are actuates , not friends but people you meet along the way . After forty years of living I can say I can count my friends on one hand , for me I have lost more friends to death , than I have made in the years past . I try to be a better friend to others , it just makes me feel better about myself .We all need to work on ourselves , become better people , then this whole country would be much better off . Never try to be someone your not , just be yourself and you will get the respect you want and need . Once you have perfected your own self , it will be easy to make friends , I have learned how to talk to people in a way that makes them feel good about themselves , I find people come to me for advice , this makes me happy , I love to see people smile , who doesn’t , so to wrap it up , don’t worry about how many friends you have , but how many people you make smile , it cost nothing to give someone a compliment , and it does wonders for your inner self , So you know what to do .PEACE .!!

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