Struggle !!


We were born to struggle , when we first came into this world we struggled to get out of the womb . From that point on everything was a challenge , eating , sleeping , making friends , you name it there was a struggle ,most of the time there was someone there to help you along the way . When you have someone there to listen to you , most of the time your problem gets smaller , talking about what bothering you often helps you conquer your challenges. As we get older we continue to struggle , and there are many things that cause us to struggle , even if we do everything right , or what seams right to us , there will still be struggling involved . God made it like this so we have to strive for the things we want and need . If life was to easy , you would have more problems , and if life is to hard then a whole set of different problems . So looking forward , if your going to start a family , be ready for a whole set of new problems , or challenges , but as long as you have someone to talk to , and a good listener you will be able to do anything you put your mind too . Writing down your game plan is a great idea , step by step , often helps . If you think that you are the only one struggling your wrong , and believe me there is always someone that is struggling worst than you , that’s why a lot of people take one day at a time , you can always find a way to make it to tomorrow . I’m going to post a struggle that I have to get past , and its the same problem that I’ve had for forty years , but I’ll never give up , I can’t ..Thank you ..

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