Teenage children !

Keep the cost down .

The one main difference between teenagers , and children , is there problems when you young child comes to you with his problem most of the time it’s small , like can you get me a glass of milk , or a bowl of cereal , as they get older there problems start to cost you money , like I got a speeding ticket , or I want to take a friend out to eat ,. But still that’s not much of a problem , it’s reconizing the signs leading up to it . If you can see what it is that’s troubling your child you can head the problem off before it gets to big . So keep your eyes open , be aware of what’s going on around your child , and it will make it much easier for you as your child grows up , and they grow up fast and furious , That from someone that learns everything the hard way ,.peace

2 thoughts on “Teenage children !

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