Sunny Days !!

Happy sunny summer day !!

Wake up , nice and early , quick coffee , and out the door , my Indian friend needs a ride to work , she tell me how her husband doesn’t help with the new baby, and seams to want her to loose her good job , she said he treats her like a slave , I said he was brought up wrong , women have equal rights . She didn’t understand what I was telling her , people from other countries don’t really know the proper way to live in a prosperous marriage , with children , there are so many factors , and its very difficult to make it work , basically you have to give all you got , and put yourself third , wife and child come first . That’s how I was brought up , and I will stand by it , in the end all we really need is a happy family , if nothing else . So a quick dropoff , and back to the warm sunny summer day , that alone should put smiles on your face , positive thoughts should make your day good , planing a nice dinner is what I will hope for today , always thinking about how to get financial ahead , legally . Well more stories to come . Peace .

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