Another Day ,Another Dollar ,

Mistakes make us stronger .

Coming off another exciting weekend ,young people out partying . I can remember those days in my distant past , at the time getting drunk , or smoking pot was the thing to do , it even seemed important . Getting together with a group of friend was like the only thing to do , back then it was the only thing to do . For me it went on what seemed to be forever , looking back it went on for a good twenty years . I thought it would never end.  Now years later I see it took me forever to grow up , taking responsibility , and moving on with your life is a hard thing , moving on to become a responsible citizen and to do good things in this world is a difficult thing , raising a family is the hardest thing you will ever have to do , raising children is a hard thing , the best thing to do is take one day at a time , and take advice from your parents , and other smart people in your life , hopefully all will turn out well . ,I’m still in the middle of the whole project , and I think struggling is part of learning , and making mistakes only makes us stronger , just try not to make the same mistake twice , take it from me , I’m still making mistakes daily , but also moving forward , one day at s time is the only way to succeed . living and learning , passing on only the best thing that you have learned to your children can only help them .Do the best you can that’s all I can do , thanks again peace .

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