Uber rides again !!

Good old days !!!

A quick dinner with the wife , BBQ ribs , rice , corn , salad , soda , out the door ,.short stop gas , coffee , daily number , a hope , and dream .Now I’m ready , I pulled into our local mall , shut off car , grabbed a CIG , stood out next to the car lit it up , a nice cool breeze flows threw my hair , as I exhale my smoke I think about the old days , as you see I’m old school , when life was much simpler , and more fun . Down to the last drag , my phone starts chiming with a blinking circle  , quick someone needs a ride , another story , two Indian people at Walmart , they traveled thirty miles for new pillows , and some snacks , a short story about there home town , and there home before they can finish . A quick thank you and goodnight , ah peace at last . turn up the radio to your favorite song , and back on the highway home , another night in an Uber drivers life , be safe god bless everyone , peace .

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