People say the strangest things ,

Smart decisions ,

When riding in the back seat of an Uber car some people can’t help but to tell you what’s on there mind . Its like going to see your therapist , once you talk about what’s bothering you , it makes you feel better , and you don’t have to pay the copay . the couple that shared with me how much money was lost Friday , when the market dropped seamed to be worried the most , when family looses money because you have bad information for them , that’s the worst ,  another story was a completely drunk guy trying to pick up anyone he can , talking stupid , slurring words , saying all the wrong things , it just made the girls laugh all the way home . As for me the driver I can’t help but listen , laugh . and try to lend a helping word of advice , no charge of course , but a tip would be nice , I’m thinking about videoing these rides , with permission of course , there would be a lot of funny stories to share . But in retrospect there are a lot of people that go out drinking , and thank god I’m there to drive them home safely . well I’ll be back with more stories from a driver ..

Tipping , your driver !!

Appreciation , goes a long way .

Gratitude , I think its only right that you tip your driver . when someone goes out of the way for you its only right that you show some gratitude . If its a friend or family then no tip is necessary , but if its a complete stranger , and they treat you like a friend should , go out of there way for you , even spend there own money on you , to assure you a good day or night , then a tip is necessary , if for some reason you feel you don’t have to tip your wrong , something is wrong with your thinking . furthermore next time a stranger go out of his way for you show them you appreciate what they did for you and tip them , the amount you give them is totally up to you , even a dollar is sufficient , so listen and learn is will lead to a happier life , thank you , truly ..

Living ,the hard way !!

Happiness in different forms !!

Some people have a good home life , but a bad job ,some have good job but bad home life , others have bad job , bad home life , then there the few that have good job good home life . We all hope to be healthy and happy , no one wants to be sick , and poor , but life has its way with you . I believe god has a plan for all of us , you can wiggle your way for a while , but destiny catches up with you . If we get a group of people together and work at one main goal anything is possible . making people smile is something I like to do , a good laugh works wonders for the souls . So moving forward I will be on the look out for people who feel the way I do , there are many good people out there who just want the best in life for everyone . Because life is so complicated its hard to bring out people’s inner thoughts, but I’ll keep trying , some day I hope to find what I’m looking for , then share it , happiness works best in groups , thank you , and have a rainbow day , remember thank the lord , for what you do have . peace of mind is a wonderful thing …

The song writer !! My son

Expression , from the heart ..

Out of no where this evening my son comes to me with a song he wrote , he put music to it on line and sang it to me , I must say it was pretty good for all but fifteen min of work , I will support any thing he comes up with to a point , that’s love . You have to try many things until you find the one you love , my teenage never a dull moment .Full of surprises , got a love them teens .I’ll get back with some lyrics .

Tipping the Driver !!

What comes around , goes around !!

I want to post this because its bothering me , I gave hundreds or car rides to many people of all ages . I can understand why college students or highschool kids won’t tip . But what I don’t understand is why rich people think they don’t have to tip , the car service is the cheapest around  , while in the car , the passager often asks for favors , or asks questions because they want to know personal information , I always accommodate , doing a little more than I have to , but what bothering me is after I go out of my way for someone , then I pull up to there million dollar mansion , they get out and no tip , its just there way of rubbing there wealth in the faces of those with less , and hoping to keep you lower than them , someday things will switch , the rich will be poor , that’s when they will realize what fools they have been , not helping people with less , but it will be to late , when you die , if you get to heaven , everyone is equal there , and the richest will go to the end of the line .I hope that the high and mighty come to there scenes soon , life is short and always changing , Carma is a bitch and I see it daily . peace , love , and understanding .

South Africa ! Struggling !

Struggling for years !!

I just gave a ride to a gentleman from south Africa , he went on to tell me he was in a refugee camp for several years . He was very soft spoken , he told me how he struggled to get here , the only help he got was from the united Nations , we talked about corruption , the lack of education , how the leaders keep the people down , even with a country so rich in diamonds , and other minerals , the people know very little . How the leaders stay in power for a long as they want , and rob the country blind , with the US . turning a blind eye , after talking with him I felt sad , I asked if there was anything I could do to help him , all he asked was to get him to his plane on time , I put my foot down on the gas pedal , I mad sure he didn’t miss his flight . after an hour I felt educated on how hard it is for south Africans , and how easy us American have it , our struggle , and really struggling is to completely different things . Best advice he had was stay in school , be kind to others , and kindness will come back to you , live a clean life , were only here for a short time , I gave him a handshake and said goodbye . peace , love , happiness .

FRIENDS , what are they ??

Happiness !!!

I want to start by saying most of the people you know are actuates , not friends but people you meet along the way . After forty years of living I can say I can count my friends on one hand , for me I have lost more friends to death , than I have made in the years past . I try to be a better friend to others , it just makes me feel better about myself .We all need to work on ourselves , become better people , then this whole country would be much better off . Never try to be someone your not , just be yourself and you will get the respect you want and need . Once you have perfected your own self , it will be easy to make friends , I have learned how to talk to people in a way that makes them feel good about themselves , I find people come to me for advice , this makes me happy , I love to see people smile , who doesn’t , so to wrap it up , don’t worry about how many friends you have , but how many people you make smile , it cost nothing to give someone a compliment , and it does wonders for your inner self , So you know what to do .PEACE .!!

Rapper music !!!!

Teenage music !!

There’s one thing I’ve figured out about music , weather its the new music , or old school music which I like the most ,is its all about the story the words tell . Everyone is trying to get there story told , and depending on your age , and where you were raised , that is how your story is told , if you listen hard enough there’s a story behind it all . weather your in love , or you don’t like someone , if it old or new , its all the same , its there to make you happy , all you have to do is listen . More and more people are listening to rap , and there’s a new story everyday , that alone makes me smile .  Music Forever .!!!

Struggle !!


We were born to struggle , when we first came into this world we struggled to get out of the womb . From that point on everything was a challenge , eating , sleeping , making friends , you name it there was a struggle ,most of the time there was someone there to help you along the way . When you have someone there to listen to you , most of the time your problem gets smaller , talking about what bothering you often helps you conquer your challenges. As we get older we continue to struggle , and there are many things that cause us to struggle , even if we do everything right , or what seams right to us , there will still be struggling involved . God made it like this so we have to strive for the things we want and need . If life was to easy , you would have more problems , and if life is to hard then a whole set of different problems . So looking forward , if your going to start a family , be ready for a whole set of new problems , or challenges , but as long as you have someone to talk to , and a good listener you will be able to do anything you put your mind too . Writing down your game plan is a great idea , step by step , often helps . If you think that you are the only one struggling your wrong , and believe me there is always someone that is struggling worst than you , that’s why a lot of people take one day at a time , you can always find a way to make it to tomorrow . I’m going to post a struggle that I have to get past , and its the same problem that I’ve had for forty years , but I’ll never give up , I can’t ..Thank you ..

Teenage children !

Keep the cost down .

The one main difference between teenagers , and children , is there problems when you young child comes to you with his problem most of the time it’s small , like can you get me a glass of milk , or a bowl of cereal , as they get older there problems start to cost you money , like I got a speeding ticket , or I want to take a friend out to eat ,. But still that’s not much of a problem , it’s reconizing the signs leading up to it . If you can see what it is that’s troubling your child you can head the problem off before it gets to big . So keep your eyes open , be aware of what’s going on around your child , and it will make it much easier for you as your child grows up , and they grow up fast and furious , That from someone that learns everything the hard way ,.peace

Graduation Day !!

School is the place to be .

It means different things to different people , highschool , the fun has just begun , College , the fun is over , the collage kids tell me its time for a job , and the real world , something that is very hard to get use to . I picked up a few girls that were going to there ten year reunion , they couldn’t believe they made it to the work place it took a while , but they were remembering the collage days and missing them .Meanwhile the highschool kids don’t have a clue , its all fun and giggles for them . But either way being in school is the place to hide , from the real world , and all the challenges that go with it . Peace .

Vote for who ????

Who will I vote for ??

I have asked quite a few people who they were going to vote for  , and I mean business men , house wives , college kids , and teenagers ,  and they seam to be saying the same thing , that all the choices suck ,  that’s bad when a country like ours can’t really get together on a leader , so much political bullshit that its ruining our country , hopefully trump will be able make a change , I’m sure he will do something memorable ,  thank you . peace .