Teenagers anger !

When teens are mad they act out , they are mad at one thing , but to get at what there mad at you have to see threw the smoke screen .kids will talk about all the things they do around the house , and how good there doing in school , then they will try to put you on a guilt trip , even break into tears , when all they had to do was go right to the point , money , can I please have ten dollars ,I try to explaine all I want is to hear your happy , and moving forward in life in a positive direction , and I will do all I can for you, even my right arm , so if there’s kids or parents out there , just keep communication open , and be direct , no beating around the bush , no name calling , no bringing up the past , this will get you the best results ,also never yell , calm cool talk . Always tell your kids you love them , they will get it later in life , hopefully not too late .peace always !!!!!

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