Graduation Day means ???

Teenagers ,

I started at 7:00 pm , Fairfield Ct , the town was bustling with excitement .  For the seniors in college , sadness , they were happy to get there diploma , all the hard earned money they spent hopefully will pay off for them . Sad because the four year party was over , and I mean party , take it from an Uber driver , the kids talk to me like I’m there parents , and psychologist , so many different stories ., and plans for the future, mostly its time to find a job .And that’s scary for the ones who lead sheltered lives , from the cruel hard world . But the stories are also happy and up beat .  Now for the seniors in high school , a totally different story , young teenagers don’t have a clue what going on , they think they know it all . I know I have one .  Life will shape each person differently , some good , some bad , as long as they all set goals and try to achieve them , they will all turn out well , hopefully they will keep god in there lives , it will make life happier .another happy Uber driver , more great stories for my book . 2:00 am goodnight !!!

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