Sneakers ! Teenagers !

imageI want to say a little something about sneakers , they are one of the most important things in a teens life , when I was a teen I had one pair , usually they were the least expensive pair I could find , now a days there are at least 20 different name brand , and  hundreds of different styles , just the sneaker alone puts so much pressure on our teens to look good it’s not even funny . I feel sorry for kids these days just because there are to many choices for them to make before they even leave the house . As parents we need to be extra patient with our children , and when it comes to sneakers our young adults are really just children inside . If we spend more time on just the little things in our kids life , that there will be a huge difference in the long run , confidence is very important in our kids success in life , and we need to keep building them up until we can’t get them any higher , I’m really concerned about our next generation but with the proper guidance they can accomplish wonderfull things , I’m going to just keep helping our kids any way I can . Thanks for listening. Billy.!!!!

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