The verge of Destruction !!

Helping hand ,

Do you ever feel like you have one foot in the grave , one step away from the psycho ward , and one dollar away from bankruptcy , well join the group , we have been set up to fail from previous generations past . The only way to over come this disasters is to work together , I want to form a group of people , anyone , who can work together to become successful . no matter what your into , if we do it together we van accomplish anything , but we need to start now , let’s talk , and begin to get what we need to win . peace .

My parrot ,pit bull ,and me .

Trying to do the right thing !!

Its memorial day weekend , most people are at holiday party’s , I’m home with my pets . they are great company , sometimes I wish I had a big family family ,  then the holidays would be much happier .  I’m mostly concerned about my teen , I’m trying my hardest to set him up for a successful life , but you need the right people around you . I wish I had more help with the guidance , but I have to realize that I’m in it alone , all I can do is make the right decisions in life , keep doing the right thing , and have faith in god , my teen means the world to me , and I hope I’m doing the right thing .I know there is a lot of family’s in the same situations and I wish we could all work together , life would be Much easier . Day by day . one day at a team , peace .

LAUNDRY , whose turn ???

Love and care

Whose gona do the laundry , it’s funny no one wants to do laundry , but you would think the ones with dirty cloths would help a little , gather there grimey cloths together , but no , it’s like a ghost town at laundry time , myself , I’m willing to do half the work , I will fold my half no problem . When there’s no clean cloths on Monday morning everyone wishes they helped then they wouldn’t be looking for a favorite shirt that dident get cleaned because it was under the bed , who would know to look there , . So saying that try to help a little next week . Lot to learn . Growing up ..getting older . Live and learn .. Peace ..

FREE .UBER DRIVER . advice. !!!

True stories .

I was reading yet another Uber story , one story said an Uber driver was arrested for trying to strangle a passenger . This go to show you how stupid some people are , all the Uber drivers personal information is registered with the company , so your going right to jail if you break the law .Another story was telling the public you can buy a book telling you how to be an Uber driver , if there’s anyone out there that thinks they have to buy one of these books to join Uber , please contact me , I will tell you everything you need to know for  FREE . yes free . thank you , peace .

A new day !!

Moving forward !!


Every day I wake up and hope I’ll be able to do more for my family than I did the day before .  Its not easy because life’s challenges are obstacles that we need to conquer . If I can do one thing each day to make tomorrow a little better I’m happy , so now I’m going to try to do that . I will let you know tomorrow what I’ve done , keep fingers crossed . peace .

Collage at 55 years young !!

Never to old !!

I guess what they say is true , your never to old to do something if you put your mind to it . Now the car company’s are spendings millions of dollars for the car that drives itself , I figure it will take about ten years before any dad will put his family in one , but the time is coming . That’s why I need to go back to school , so I can finally be ahead of the game . This will be one of thes hardest things I’ve ever done , and I hope some day my family sees I’m doing it for all of us . Most of all I hope my teenager sees how important it is to continue school , as long as it takes , until you get your future into clear perspective , all I can do now is set the best example possible.  Many concerns in life , never ends .The main thing I keep telling myself is just take one day at a time . god bless . peace to all .!!

Teenagers anger !

When teens are mad they act out , they are mad at one thing , but to get at what there mad at you have to see threw the smoke screen .kids will talk about all the things they do around the house , and how good there doing in school , then they will try to put you on a guilt trip , even break into tears , when all they had to do was go right to the point , money , can I please have ten dollars ,I try to explaine all I want is to hear your happy , and moving forward in life in a positive direction , and I will do all I can for you, even my right arm , so if there’s kids or parents out there , just keep communication open , and be direct , no beating around the bush , no name calling , no bringing up the past , this will get you the best results ,also never yell , calm cool talk . Always tell your kids you love them , they will get it later in life , hopefully not too late .peace always !!!!!

Summer Sunday ,,

Stories from an uber partner !!

Today started out late , I slept till 12:00 , then dog first , short walk , coffee , lunch . Then a few short rides from the mall , to different parts of new haven ct . It was a warm sunny day , which puts people in a better mood , nothing better than the wind blowing threw your hair when your up on the highway . A quick stop home to eat with my wife and teen , a quick kiss and back on the road , an Uber drivers day never ends . Short night , everyone goes home early on Sunday , so I’m home watching an old gangster movie , checking the Internet now and then . Mickey sleeping too , Sunday is gone , tomorrow another day , can’t wait , peace ,!!

Graduation Day means ???

Teenagers ,

I started at 7:00 pm , Fairfield Ct , the town was bustling with excitement .  For the seniors in college , sadness , they were happy to get there diploma , all the hard earned money they spent hopefully will pay off for them . Sad because the four year party was over , and I mean party , take it from an Uber driver , the kids talk to me like I’m there parents , and psychologist , so many different stories ., and plans for the future, mostly its time to find a job .And that’s scary for the ones who lead sheltered lives , from the cruel hard world . But the stories are also happy and up beat .  Now for the seniors in high school , a totally different story , young teenagers don’t have a clue what going on , they think they know it all . I know I have one .  Life will shape each person differently , some good , some bad , as long as they all set goals and try to achieve them , they will all turn out well , hopefully they will keep god in there lives , it will make life happier .another happy Uber driver , more great stories for my book . 2:00 am goodnight !!!

Chinese teenagers !

Chinese food.

Its was Friday afternoon , I received a beep for a ride , I was called to a Chinese restaurant in milford Ct , the two boys were from hong Kong China . they were going back to Stanford Ct , 45 min ride . which means they also took an Uber ride to get there . I asked why they went so far for Chinese food . there must be thousands of places in between, they told me the milford restaurant was real Chinese food , all the other places were american Chinese restaurants , I found that funny , these two kids must know real food since there from China , we had a nice conversation about Hong Kong , and food , then I dropped them off in Stanford Ct . another informative Uber ride , enjoyable , memorable . thank you.