Donald Trump

Most people don’t understand how bad our country needed a big change , the corruption was so bad in our government that we were all being fooled , for years , so many different ways we couldn’t even see it , until trump tried to get in , then all the corrupt officials got scared , they new there party was over , now the corrupt officials don’t know what to do , we need Trump to continue what he’s doing , the main corrupt people need to go to jail , Hillary Clinton is the worst , she thinks she’s above the law , she needs to be put in jail , its really bad , I want to throw up , please help Donald Trump succeed.. Our youths depend on us to lead a good example , we owe it to them ..

Homeless shelter’s !!

After researching this problem for years, and experiencing a natural disaster first hand , I feel the best thing I can do for my community , and many others is open a group of homeless shelters , my name would be homeless homes , for the large group of working single parents that have no where to live , it breaks my heart , so I’ll be trying to put some investors together to make it happen , trying to help one another , its the only way ,,

HOMELESS , theres to much in the U.S.A.

We need to get together and help all the homeless women and children in our country . As I looked around for the past year its hard for me to celebrate Xmass , when I feel all the suffering going on , and not much being done about it , I just want to start by feeding all the people that are hungry on a daily basis . we have so much to do in this country , for our citizens , we can’t worry about other countries , life is too short, we need to help now , and the homeless problem is much worse than anyone knows , our government should be doing a lot more , there shouldn’t be any homeless people in this country if you are capable of working , if you feel like I feel let’s get together and start helping the people who need help , look around , it breaks my heart.  GOD bless everyone , we can help everyone , threw Christ our Lord Amen .

Here i go again !!

That’s going to be the name of my first short story I publish .It seams like I keep doing the same thing over , and over , which is true , but I keep doing them in different ways each time , so I know eventually I will get where I want to go , I read if you literally go HELL BENT , on what you need , eventually you will get it , I read that , but you have to go about it in many ways , we all need to focus on the little things , have a good understanding about what your looking for , and never give up , the universal power above want us to succeed , and gives us the tools , we just need to know how to use them , some time it takes a while , but when you get there it will be worth the pain you went threw , now I need to follow my own advice , GOD BLESS , everyone ..

people !!

So many different faces , thousands of religions , so many different beliefs , there is no right and wrong , there’s just different. Everyone needs some kind of help , most people just need someone to talk to , about there problems , I find that just listening to someone helps them in many ways , We all need to come together and help one another , it doesn’t cost anything to listen ,live and let live , all you need is love ..

my memoir’s ,,

It sounds good , they say everyone has a few good stories to tell , I can think of a few , being out of school for do long , writing the proper way is lost in my memory some where , I have read that you should write down the things you do on a daily basis , you never know , someday you might want to write a book .lots of fun just learning how to do it , learning new things everyday ??